Psyplectic is a musical journey of a man, who grew up playing guitar in a metal band and hanging out with friends. After he found the love of his life, Mateja, he started making music with guitar & DAW and made some songs. But he wanted more; close friend Luka said »use Fruity Loops and make some psychedelic music«. So, he got interested in Fruity loops, started putting ideas and began to explore this infinite possibilities of making sounds and experimenting with rhythm. Every day, he was learning and improving his skills, but never got held on to a specific musical genre .
So in 2014, after his 1st song was released, he developed an artistic name Psyplectic and kept making songs. He made 24 of them till the end of 2016 .

He opened digital music label named Psyplectic in 2017. You can get all new songs and art covers at a digital music store.

Psyplectic label logo was drawn by a young, creative, (never-knowing-what-he-will-be-doing-next) wonderfully warm person and artist, who manifests his art in a unique way - Milan Ketiš .

Psyplectic songs have deep meanings and experimental structure. Inspiration comes from every-day life. You must find the right moment to listen to a song. A recommendation: listen several times to get its hidden love.



Precisely Late